Hospital Herrera Llerandi opens 5 new operating rooms.

Hospital Herrera Llerandi opens its new operating rooms

Adequate hospital infrastructure at the level of hospitals abroad; modern anesthesia monitors, bacteriological control, sterilization and purification of air, modern technologies to perform surgeries????

Guatemala, March 23rd, 2006.- Innovating hospital infrastructure and medical technology, Hospital Herrera Llerandi opened its new operating rooms, designed to create the optimal surgical surroundings, thinking about the patients? well being.
The hospital?s operating rooms are equipped with the most modern technology and with medical computer systems to perform every kind of surgery, including minimal invasion interventions, arthroscopy, hip fixing, and general and thoracic surgery, among other procedures. There are highly skilled staff, with the foremost objective of providing patients an excellent world-class medic-hospital attention, with modern, reliable and safe services.
The new operating rooms have the adequate hospital infrastructure at the level of other international centers. There are modern anesthesia monitors, bacteriological control routine procedures, air sterilization and purification systems, modern technologies to perform surgeries, etc. The Hospital Herrera Llerandi operating rooms provide a new approach to this institution by focusing on innovation, integration and information.
The hospital has implemented biometric thumbprint readers to avoid contamination in the operating rooms perimeter, caused by the passage of family members and unauthorized personnel. Modern electrocautery machines minimize surgery time and the associated bleeding from surgical procedures.
One of the greatest concerns from patients to be admitted to an operating room is anesthesia. Thanks to modern anesthesia monitors, it is possible to control, under the specialist?s supervision, the optimal sedation of patients, to avoid complications derived from oversedation which may endanger the patients, or, contrary to this, a weak effect that may produce pain to the patient. The walls, floors and ceilings of the new operating rooms have special coatings which allow the sterilization of the area after a surgical procedure.
These and other innovations stand for the Hospital Herrera Llerandi vision which aims to provide world class medical-hospital attention, by using state of the art equipment, technology and highly skilled staff.

About Hospital Herrera Llerandi
Hospital Herrera Llerandi has an efficient and equipped infrastructure to provide attention to Guatemalan and Central American patients. It offers Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Maternity, Intensive Care, Emergency, Clinical Laboratory and Diagnosis from Images.
Recently, the hospital has been working on the modernization of its premises. A short time ago, the final phase of the operating rooms remodeling was finished.
Moreover, Hospital Herrera Llerandi has high technology equipment in the Intensive Care Unit, which offers personal attention from resident doctors and specialized nurses.
The Clinical Laboratory at Hospital Herrera Llerandi is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a years. It is a laboratory used as reference by other hospitals and provides the service of sample takings at home. There is also a Radiology Center, assisted by renowned radiology doctors who interpret the performed studies.
Hospital Herrera Llerandi is a nonprofit institution dedicated to health care which has had as a goal for over 40 years, to offer the Guatemalan community the best of modern medicine. It has been chosen by several celebrities and distinguished chiefs of state during their stays in Guatemala.

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